Another project completed by the dedicated team of Z&X Mechanical Installations Ltd.

Description of the works are below:

A solar system (provision) is installed to provide domestic hot water. The Solar system is using all the available solar energy and at times when it’s not enough a 3 Kw electric element.
The solar system consists of 2 Solar panels 2.0x 1.0 and 300 Litre Hot water cylinder.

A smart VRV system (provision) is installed for the space air conditioning and heating of the assembly area. The system consists of 1 air cooled Outdoor unit and 8 Indoor units (6 concealed & 2 wall types). The benefits of the air cooled VRV system from the spit unit type air conditioning is the efficiency (20 to 30 % higher), the less number of outdoor units and the ability to install the outdoor units much longer distance from the indoors.

A complete plumbing system is installed consists of: (a) Central pipes Pex pipe in pipe piping and manifolds for the piping of all the sanitary fittings for both the hot and cold water as well as the drinking water. (b) a complete sewage system consists of all the pvc plastic piping for all the sanitary fittings to the first outside manhole. (c) connection of all the sanitary fittings to the plumbing and sewage piping and installation of all the accessories. (d) 1 pressure pump system (provision) to provide high water pressure to all the sanitary fittings, saving water as well as energy.

Ventilation of the cafeteria area (provision) with HRV (Heat Recovery) unit with ducting and grills which provide re circulation of air conditioned air in conjunction with the VRV system, saving up to 30% on energy costs. All W.C areas with inline fans, ducting and grills.

Fountain with four skimmers, two drains, ten jet nozzles, auto filling system, five LED mini lights, sand filter, pump, all piping and fittings, electrical panel and controls.