We know that new technologies can be daunting, especially those that may require taking up your flooring, but with all the facts you can now make changes to your home that could save money and provide greater all round comfort. So here we bring you the benefits of investing in either water based or electronic underfloor heating (UFH). Essentially, underfloor heating is not the first choice for standard heating within a home, competiting against the commonly favoured radiators. However, underfloor heating is a method that can provide extra space in a small home, safety, energy efficiency, hygiene, versatility and value.


Underfloor heating eliminates the irritating space wasters that are radiators, giving you greater space in bathrooms and other areas that can become cramped. Whilst occasionally flooring may need to be raised for the installation (primarily with water based UFH), underfloor heating is flat and spreads out across a room, hiding from view. UFH introduces areas of your home that were once taken over by clunky metal radiators that can now be utilized for more furniture or room for movement.

Alternatively, you do not have to have underfloor heating in every area of your home as it can be combined with other heating methods. This will allow for space in areas that require it and keep your radiators in other areas. Not only can you have underfloor heating downstairs, but upstairs too.

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Secondly to this, underfloor heating is child and animal friendly as it eradicates sharp corners and hot surfaces that could be harmful to babies or pets. There are also no areas where the underfloor heating can leak from, preventing water damage.


Whilst in recent years, zone based thermostats and temperature based radiator valves have been introduced, an underfloor heating system can be adjusted by room, heating only where is necessary. This essentially saves wasted energy and money by prioritising where is cold.


Once installed, there are almost no maintenance costs for the system, allowing you to capitalise on the potential 15-30% savings you could make by saving wasted energy.

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Ultimately, whilst there is an initial cost for underfloor heating, it is an indulgent option of heating that offers a vast amount of comfort to a home. Whilst radiators run to high temperatures to emit as much heat as possible, underfloor heating works by releasing a constantly lower temperature that will not get too hot underneath your feet.