Life was meant for good friends and great adventures. Plan a road trip to explore Cyprus, rent a car from Z&X Drivers Rentals Ltd and prepare to feel the air and drive the difference!

Traveling abroad often means flying to Europe, Asia or maybe an island. But what about all this Cyprus land right in our backyard? Taking a road trip and seeing our country first hand is something we must take advantage of. This is the land we call home after all and road trips are the best way to experience it. Before you call your car rental company to  hire a car, you might want to consider a few planning tips we put together for you.

Whether you’re traveling from one side of your home town to the other or all the way across the country, there are unwritten road trip rules that we should all be following when hitting the open road.

The routes are quick, the highways are wide and adventure is absent. To get the most out of a road trip, ya gotta get off the highway and onto the old town roads of Cyprus. It’s the only way to do cross country travel as it was originally intended. Of course, sometimes speed is of the essence. In that case, hit the highway on the drive back.
Always stop at nature trails. What’s a road trip without scenery? Whether you’re approaching the road on the fly, relying on GPS or you’ve been planning this road trip for months, keep an eye out for our nature trails. They are all worth the extra drive time. Anyway, chances are Point A and Point B on your map are cities, so this is where the real wonder is.

Playlists are essential. Approaching a road trip without at least a couple playlists is going to make the trip get old real quick. Even if the road trip is spontaneous, I always make sure to have a handful of solid playlists ready to go beforehand. From Big K.R.I.T. and Ab-Soul to the Black Keys, Jungle and Gary Clark Jr., I try to cover all the genres I could potentially want to listen to throughout the drive. Windows down, music up. If your hand isn’t out the window and you’re not singing loudly and/or generally rocking out, then I’m sorry but you’re doing it all wrong.

Check oil before leaving. Car trouble is something to be avoided at all costs while road tripping. For example, oil is one of those things that’s super easy to take care of but can quickly dampen a road trip if you don’t pay attention. Before leaving check the oil and make sure it’s high enough to last there and back again. If not, keep an eye on it and take care of it on the road as necessary. Don’t underestimate the relief of knowing for sure that your car will make it!

Stock up on snacks. No one wants to make frequent stops for food. This one’s a no-brainer, I think, but still worth mentioning. Forget about diets. Taking to the road exposes you to new environments and similarly new dishes. Trying to stick to a diet while on a road trip is limiting and unfair. Some of us have diet restrictions for health or moral reasons, I get it. The point is to stay open to local dishes and not be too picky about where you dine.

Very (very) lost with no service and no map. Uh oh… Pack a physical map, just in case. GPS makes road trips way easier and smartphone apps have cool things to do while cruising. But when you veer off the beaten path and service goes out and the roads start getting bumpier, you’ll wish you had a physical map for help.

Compatibility is key. Taking a road trip with another person is kind of like marrying them for a week. You’re in such close proximity over so many hours that it should be expected you’ll likely see your fellow travellers lesser traits. Be prepared for the inevitable head-butting beforehand and know for sure that you can deal with that person day after day. The best way to milk a tandem road trip is to do it with someone you vibe with on another level. Otherwise, prepare to hate road trips.

Keep an open mind. “Windows down, music up” is the motto but it’s a long drive. Talk! Even if there’s nothing in common between you and your road trip partner, you have the adventure in common. Taking a road trip with someone else opens up an entirely new avenue for connection. Take advantage.

Communicate expectations. Agreeing to take a road trip together is one thing. Being on the same page about how the road trip should go is a whole other issue. Be open about what’s going on in your mind throughout the drive. Are you in need of the bathroom? Do you feel like driving? Is there something coming up you want to see? Like anything in life, being open and honest about your experience and expectations for a road trip will help everyone get the most out of it.

But mostly, get where you’re going safely!
Stick to the rules and don’t forget to smile. And when you get to your destination, share your experience!