Green hills, running waters, waterfalls and caves that make up an exotic setting, which could have been in Latin America but instead it’s in Cyprus! 

This country does not stop surprising us, however much we say we know it. There is always something new that leaves us speechless with its unpretentious natural beauty, like this, reminiscent of fairy tales.

This time  Cyprus From Air ascended to the village of Kritou Tera and visited the area’s waterfalls. A point of unreal beauty that if you do not see it with your own eyes, you can hardly believe it is real.

Cyprus From Air started as a group of friends that enjoyed climbing, hiking, with a common denominator and mountain interest. They then began to photograph the landscapes as they explored them. They had some knowledge of photography and with the evolution of technology and the use of unmanned aircraft (drones) they started to videotape Cyprus from above. While watching videos on YouTube, they noticed that the videos had an enormous impact on the world so they slowly made their own facebook page, which now counts almost 22,000 members who can sign up to go climbing, hiking and much more with the Cyprus From Air group.

Via Cyprus From Air